So, today I thought I’d blab a bit about photos…. I have a beautiful Canon 350D (Rebel XT to all those across the pacific!) with a couple of lenses and an external flash. It’s my first slr, but not my first digital, so I’m loving the response time of it, the quiet operation etc. It does have some annoying bits, but you forgive it the first time you get one of ‘those’ prints. You know the ones I mean. The ones that make the hour kneeling in the mud waiting for that particular combination of sun and cloud or for the wind to drop or whatever WORTH it.

This is NOT one of those photos, in that I didn’t kneel in mud for an hour to get it. But I still like it anyway. Ok, actually I did kneel in the mud for a few minutes, does that count? Now, time for some fun. Anyone know what it is?Hope you enjoy it!

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