Layouts can be fun!!

I had so much fun making this layout! It’s another DT one, with the same Expectant Moments kit as the Tyson one from Friday, but man, you would hardly recognise it…. rule number one on my list is, what makes a great kit great….. VERSATILITY!! If you just make one page with it, and then think hmmmm, I’m kinda done with this kit, then that’s not good. A great kit lends itself to many layouts. I’m sure that I’ll do more with this kit, but true to form, Amy has already released a new one (woo-hoo) so I’ve got NEW TOYS!! You can see them tomorrow, ok?

This layout is pretty self explanatory – all done with this kit, and lots of fonts… Eliot Swonger, FoxScript, Uptown, TinBirdhouse, Splendid 66, Bergell LET, Fontdinerdotcom Loungy, Marydale, Fulton Artistamp Trial, Petitscript.

Hope you like it, as much as I do!!


Later everyone!

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One Response to Layouts can be fun!!

  1. ksharonk says:

    Hi Cass! Love that new handbag, and love those CUTE new tags! 🙂

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