More baby Scrappin!

You didn’t really think that I could just limit myself to one layout on this gorgeous little guy did you? I’ve got lots and lots of photos, and hopefully I can get some more done for his mummy!

This one celebrates his little chubby feet and hands, which were amazingly HARD to photograph! Next time I’m going to wait until he’s ASLEEP, he won’t wriggle QUITE so much then.

I was stoked to find this poem by Christina Rossetti to go on this layout. *K* introduced me to her brother, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, a painter and poet, and we got to know Christina’s work thru that. She wrote a whole book of lullabies, I’m sure some more of them will be appearing on my work. Love it!

Remy-hands-and-feet DT

Fonts used were ValerieCapitale and firstgrader. Once again, using Amy’s Baby Blanket kit…. I’m going to try to make a whole mini album for her with this kit, I think it’s got that much potential.

So now, with the house quiet and the kids at Grandma and Grandpa’s house for a couple of nights, I think I might take a nap!

Thanks for stopping by, please, feel free to give me a shout out!

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One Response to More baby Scrappin!

  1. ksharonk says:

    Beautiful layout … those little baby feet and hands are soooo cute. And what a poem … 🙂

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