Trip photos….

Ok, so all the nagging has worked 😛

Although I won’t vouch for any editing, adjusting or cropping that has or hasn’t been done.

Feast your senses, mostly the Great Ocean Road, except for the waterfall which is upstream on the Hopkins river from Warrnambool, and, not surprisingly, called Hopkins Falls… hmmm.

On a slightly different note, the new Scrapbook Creations magazine comes out today, adorned by none other than yours truly!! (well, the boys actually, but they are my layouts). It’s such a relief to finally hold it in my hands and go – look! I did that!! It’s a marvellous feeling.

Later dudes!!

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2 Responses to Trip photos….

  1. ksharonk says:

    Oooh, off to the shops tomorrow to snaffle a copy and look for the boys. I have one coming out in the January issue, so I’ll just have to wait. Stunning photos, I particularly like your waterfall! 🙂

  2. Justine says:


    I will have to go and pick it up and look for it.

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