Funny how this happens….

I swear I was just trying to find some baby photos for my new CT assignment…. I have NO idea how I ended up making this layout…. Not to mention that I conned some more digital supplies out of *skip* (lol)

There really are only 2 things that I miss from paper scrapping – torn edges, which are hard to duplicate and I’m not very good at it, and inked edges.. I mean, I can duplicate that through an inner glow, but it’s not random enough, looks way too “contrived”. So now I’ve got both in Photoshop Actions from the marvellous Atomic Cupcake site – check it out HERE. Thanks honey!!

So there you go… I ended up with THIS and I’m SOSOSOSO happy with it. I mean, REALLY happy with it. I mean, really, I can’t remember when I was so darn SATISFIED with a layout. And look, I mean, it’s *almost* collagey, which is even scarier.

Sammy 7 million copy
All papers, alpha, journalling mat, ribbons, flower from the Fabulous Jen Wilson’s New Look freebie from SBB, Staples from the free kit included with Digital Memories Magazine issue 1 (Team Kit Winter 2005). All inked edges by Atomic Cupcake. Fonts used are FB Sunrise, Dancing Superserif, 28 Days later and FB Flamingo.
Created in PS7.

So there you go… I’ll go hang out some washing and then give those baby layouts another go… hmmm.
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3 Responses to Funny how this happens….

  1. MIG says:

    What a wonderful smile SAM has,what a lady killer he is going to be.
    Though I understand he is already
    spoken for.
    A highly photogenic young man – and I share your joy in the gardens, they still attract, even plus 70’s like me. (mig)

  2. FIG says:

    This should also read FIG as well.

  3. AmyK says:

    I love the look of this page, Cassie. For somebody like me, who loves to get my hands dirty with real ink and sanded edges, this page is an awesome digital interpretation! Now I’m off to Atomic Cupcake, since you convinced me I need more actions! LOL. 🙂

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