New CT layout!!

I’ve been a busy girl the last couple of days….

I got that great layout of Sam done yesterday, and have been working on those baby photos as promised.

This offering I actually made today, but I am so super happy with it, it couldn’t wait its turn!! The photo was taken the day we brought Tyson home from hospital and it’s always been one of my favourites… Now I know how well it converts to b&w will have to scan some more in and do them too.

Everything used from the Announcing Ethan kit at HERE . I can highly recommend the special offer, you’d never need anything baby again, these kits are bursting with great elements and papers.
Fonts used were FB Buttercream, JulesWriting and FoxScript. Inking action from Atomic Cupcake. (woo-hoo love this action!! and I converted Amy too 😉 lol).

Ok, I’ve got a busy night, so I’d better go….

Ok, one last layout then, but only cos you asked nicely!

Papers from a new freebie at ScrapArtist by Faith True, Beachworthy. Distressed frame from Schmootzy frames, also from ScrapArtist.
Used fonts JULES P.C. WIMMIN and Jules Writing

This was a 2 minute job for the font challenge at SBB… I don’t mean to put DOWN the font challenge, I totally love it and would normally spend hours on my entry, but this layout kinda just happened. Before I realised what was happening it was done. Not at all my usual style, but I love it!!

So, there you go! More to come, I promise…. they are all impatiently waiting their turn!

Later guys

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2 Responses to New CT layout!!

  1. Peta says:

    Love them!! – and oooh new font challenge … better go look – I missed last weeks *cry*

  2. ksharonk says:

    Beautiful work here … you have been a busy girl! 🙂

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