New papers, new layout, new look!!

I’ve been drooling over a lot of layouts over at SBB (Scrapbook-bytes to the uninitiated, gallery here). There is a real trend at the moment to use SPACE on your layout. Not necessarily WHITE white space, but that is the term for it. For some obscure design reason, the empty space adds more weight to the space that has bits in it. So we group our elements, and then leave the rest blank.

I really admired this look for quite a while before getting up the courage to give it a go myself. And this seemed to be the perfect opportunity. I needed a new profile pic, so *skip* and I had a little photo shoot. I got to use these yummy new papers from Amy, her Downtown paper collection. This one is called Coffee shop – lovely cocoa/latte and rose colours, and such gorgeous patterns. She’s one talented designer, just go ask Kim at DSW lol…

And thus, this layout was born.

Papers from Coffee Shop by Amy Knepper, Alpha stamps from Schmootzy alpha, Corner stamp from the SBB Vintage Artistry kit, Inked edge action from Atomic Cupcake and stitching from ME!!

I’m comfortable with the style, and everything else about it. I’m at a great spot in my life, and I’m HAPPY about it… really I am.

It’s a cool feeling.

On a funnier note, I’m thinking of emailing the girl that runs Atomic Cupcake and asking for a commission…. I’ve gotten a few ppl to buy those 2 new actions because I’ve been using them and raving about them everywhere!! I want a cut lol….

Ok, that’ll do for now… there’s scrapping to be done.


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2 Responses to New papers, new layout, new look!!

  1. ksharonk says:

    Well, aren’t you a stunner? Love your white space and look at your stitching … go girl! And tell *skip*, he’s quite a photographer! 🙂

  2. Nicole F says:

    Oh you are gorgeous!! And……so is this layout. 🙂

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