Hills Hoist

I’m sure that my Dad could tell you more about these than I could… Hills is a good ole company that’s been around for a VERY long time, and makes fantastic clotheslines (and swing sets!). Most of these original Hills’ are still going strong – even after a hundred kids have swung on them over the years… and they are GREAT to climb!!

This layout was WAAAAYYY too much fun to make! I used Fernlili’s Mothers Apron kit for all the papers and bits, made my own mongrams etc…

Used quite a few fonts – Splendid 66, Al Charisma, Journaling hand, Felix Titling for the monograms. Like I said, I had fun!! Hope you like it too!!

This was a strange layout to make though, cos I woke up with it… just complete in my head…. it wasn’t even like I had been working on it the night before. It wasn’t even on the radar, and then it was just, DONE, just like that…. all I had to do what get it onto the screen. Although it did take me a couple of go’s to get the title just right.

So, maybe I scrap too much? Nah!!!!!! no such thing !!


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3 Responses to Hills Hoist

  1. ksharonk says:

    I just LOVE your pretty font work with all those delicious colours and little bows! It is eye-catching stuff … saw Natasha swinging on her nana’s hills hoist over the weekend … 😉

  2. Lanne says:

    Gotta love the hills hoist! Found your comment on my blog and thought I would swing by….(pardon the pun)

    love the fresh feel to this.. like linen drying in the sun!

  3. clikchic says:

    Oh love this! Very fresh and original! Love it! You should submit it to some magazines! 🙂

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