Tyson’s progress report!!

Thanks to everyone who commented about Tyson’s swimming success… He has had 3 lessons since then, Friday, Monday and Today… I went yesterday, I can’t go everyday, especially as I seem to be one of the only mothers who goes, and he gets very distracted when I am there, watching to see what I am doing than listening to the teacher. I’ll go tomorrow instead.

NEway, back to Tyson… He was greatly improved yesterday, but the crowning moment of the lesson came right at the very end when he finally stopped hesitating and ducking and went properly down underwater to pick up a “sinking fish” that the teacher had thrown in. I cheered like an idiot!! I was just frustrated (again) that it had come at the END of 20 minutes, and then he got OUT!! But today he was over the moon to report to me that he had gotten 3 fish and was really enjoying going under water.

So, I’ll go along tomorrow and cheer some more… I might even be able to smuggle in my baby camera and get some proof!! YAY!!!

So, there you go. Thanks for the support!

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2 Responses to Tyson’s progress report!!

  1. ksharonk says:

    Congrats to your little ‘fish’ … he’s a star!!! 🙂

  2. Lanne says:

    Way to go Tyson!

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