New layouts for you all!!


The comments and support I’ve been getting over the past week have been fantastic!! Thanks so much everyone…. I do read and appreciate them all. 🙂

Here’s a couple of layouts for you, they are both a bit different from each other, but hey, that’s half the fun isn’t it!


This first one is of my PARENTS (and they’ll be really happy to be famous, I’m sure!! lol)Papers, elements and stitching from Fernlilis Mothers Apron, Inked edge action from AtomicCupcake, fonts used were CK Bella, AL Postmaster and


Here’s another shot of the boys from our photoshoot. Posed, of course, but what the hey!Papers and stamp from the absolutely gorgeous Digital Memories Magazine (DMM) Team Kit, Winter 2005. Inked edge (again!) and fonts used were Pharmacy, BN Pinky, Print Clearly and VTPortable Remington.

Ok, time to go and get dinner started…. not much to scrap at the moment, am having a bit of a ‘break’ for a day or two… but don’t worry, I’ve got heaps of layouts queued up for you anyway….. Not counting special albums and special projects, I just counted up and I did over 30 layouts just for November… I’ve done well over 100 since I started on the 2nd July this year…. lets see how many I can have done by the end of the year!!

and I also have some more GREAT NEWS (TOOTY-TOOT), hopefully I can confirm it with you tomorrow!! Stay tuned!!

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2 Responses to New layouts for you all!!

  1. ksharonk says:

    Love both these layouts, but the boys’ one SHINES! Beautiful work here, Cass!!! 🙂

  2. Regina says:

    I love the Boys’ LO too! It is gorgeous!

    So simple, yet absolutely stunning!!

    So what’s the good news???!!!

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