Wahoo wahoo wahoo wahoo!!

Ok, this is an even bigger set of wahoos than my FK acceptance, and it’s nothing to do with scrapping.

Every day this week I have faithfully trailed to the school to sit and watch, and quietly encourage Sammy, to dry him off and rub his back hard when he gets out because he’s totally frozen solid. His swimming has slowly improved…. slowly.

His swimming teacher, the wonderfully patient #J#, and I were just totally blown away today.

Blown away.

All week, he’s dipped his chin, and the surface of his goggles in the water. We’ve not pushed him.

Suddenly, today, she said, ok, let’s put our faces in the water. And without further ado, he did. Up, over his ears. He re-surfaced, dripping, and grinning from ear to ear and I couldn’t help myself. I cheered so hard! Then of course, fished the trusty baby camera out of the handbag, and said “Do it again!” Which he did. Again and Again…. he was putting his face in for so long I was starting to get worried.

I’m still in shock. Will post the pictures when I can find the right camera cable, but meantime you’ll have to take my word for it!! 😉


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4 Responses to Wahoo wahoo wahoo wahoo!!

  1. Regina says:


    BTW congratulations on your anniversary yesterday!

  2. Peta says:

    wahooo that’s awesome hun!!! 🙂

  3. MIG says:

    same as you Wahoo Wahoo – I can understand your elation and we realise
    how you feel. I can remember when a little girl of our acquaintance was swimming underwater across the pool at the grand age of 5. So given they don’t have a pool at their disposal, the boys are to be congratulated, and a hot summer will do the trick, we hope.

  4. ksharonk says:

    Oh yes … doing the happy dance for both of you!!! Once it clicks, you won’t be able to get him out of the pool … 🙂

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