Random Monday!!

Heres a whole lot of stuff, which is in no particular order….

The rail crossing near our house is closed for 2 days, which means that my 3 trips to the school (which I can SEE from our house) takes 10 minutes each way along a dangerous narrow windy back road. Grr.

It’s been raining on and off all day which is crazy considering it was 36 yesterday. Sigh.

4 more days until the holidays and I can sleep in!! Woohoo!

I’ve been in a bit of a slump at the moment, have scrapped and toiled my little heart out… need to go on an excursion or something and shoot some new photos to inspire me. Or dig out some old ones and get working. Hmmm….?

Have been in a real house cleaning out mood – clothes, cupboards, the works. Feels fantastic. Letting go….. RELIEF.

I actually got to practice saying NO to something yesterday. I read about this book on Ali Edwards blog, and had a look at in on Amazon. Just reading the excerpt they have was enough to inspire me…. so when someone from Scholastic rang and offered me a free trial, with free gifts to keep yadda yadda I just said. NO. Thankyou but NO. and it felt good. Will have to practice that one some more. *EMPOWERING*

Ok…. now I don’t feel so blah anymore. GOOD.

Will maybe post a layout or something soon. Honest.

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One Response to Random Monday!!

  1. MIG says:

    Couldn’t agree more about the empowering feeling of saying “No!” We do not do ourselves any service by acceeding to everyone’s requests, suggestions or demands. Good on you.

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