Can anyone please explain to me why, with a mountain of Wedding photos from my friend and his new bride, I’m suddenly overwhelmed with the urge to scrap some of T’s baby photos? Whatever you have to do, something else is always MORE appealing….

So have a layout instead….

Background and “m” paper from SomethingBlueStudios Weather or Not (recoloured). Mat and stripe paper from Jen Wilson’s Layers upon Layers collection, (Highland Mountain). Schmootzy frame from Inked edge action from Fonts used are Pushkin, Pharmacy, Antique Type and Top Secret.

I so LOVE that quote… and that picture. Just drifting along, going nowhere in a hurry. That’s where I want to be, right now.

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2 Responses to Procrastination!!

  1. ksharonk says:

    Beautiful photo, Cass … I do like your stamped frame around the letter … nice schtuff going on here! 🙂

  2. Beth says:

    Beautiful layout Cass! So serene!!

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