I’m a good girl :)

I’ve been having so much fun doing my DT work, and playing with my new book, (and new scrap mags *skip* bought me today ! 😀 ), that I’ve been neglecting some other stuff…. namely, the wedding album I’m supposed to be doing for some friends. They gave me the photos wayyy back on the 4th of December, and didn’t want the album until they came back (they live interstate) in February.

Ok, so it’s nearly february. Oops. I had 3 original layouts done the very first night, nothing in between, and now another 3 finished tonight…. I promised them a full album, which is about 20 layouts, so, 14 to go. I didn’t get to go to the wedding, so it’s really hard to do something with these photos. They didn’t want any real journalling or anything, just some “pretty pictures” which, I think, is almost harder. The inspiration comes slowly and in fits and starts.

Although with 2 days in a row of 40Degrees+ again, I’ve got nothing better to do THAN play on the computer, so, no more excuses.

AND I’ve nearly finished backing up all my psd’s and jpgs etc. What a marathon this is turning out to be, but it’s nearly done now.

The new Scrapbook Creations (Issue 26) has been out for a while, so I can re-upload the 2 layouts I had published in there… one today, one tomorrow, ok?


Papers and chipboard label from Tammy Bankston’s His closet freebie from ScrapArtist. Stitching is from Jen Wilson’s Boyish Charm elements. Fonts used are Heliosphan and grumble. Created waaayyyy back 11th September 2005.

Ok, night all!!

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2 Responses to I’m a good girl :)

  1. Tisham says:

    I love this layout!! and congrats on the Scrapbook Creations!

  2. MirandaLea says:

    I can see why they wanted to publish you. That LO is too cute!! Have fun with your new books and such, and good luck on the wedding album. I can see some scrap-a-thons in your future!

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