Normal programming resumed….

In more ways than one…

The heat has finally broken, after 4 days of 40degrees in a row, the air is cool and it might even rain!! WHAT a relief.

And here’s a gorgeous boy to celebrate with, because, after all, the SCRAPPING is what it’s all about.


Papers, elements, funky doodles from Fernlilis great kit, Stupid Cupid…. cool name!
Fonts used are Mailart Rubberstamp and Penstyle.

Now, back to the wedding grind….. got 1 and a half more layouts done today 🙂

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3 Responses to Normal programming resumed….

  1. FIG says:

    Another little heartbreaker, I feel sorry for the girls when SAM and REMY get together in a few years. Lovely photo.

  2. MirandaLea says:

    What a gorgeous photo! And I really like the red and black. That has always been a favorite combo of mine. Great Page!

  3. Tisham says:

    ADORABLE!!!I love the layout of it all!

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