This was a good day, a bad day, and a sad day all rolled into one.

I have one toot to reveal, a secret to keep, and a piece missing from my heart.

I got a last minute email today for a layout for SC 30…. so the submit everything and wait theory strikes again. It’s a gorgeous layout and one of my favourites (don’t I always say that?), but they’d had it since November. Better late than never. 20 minutes later I got a fantastic other piece of news. More about that when the details are firmed up.

Sammy is at Grandma and Grandpa’s, better known to you, dear readers, as MIG and FIG. He rang quite late tonight to say goodnight and got a bit choked up. I managed to talk him round, but my heart was crying…. I wanted him to come home. If I hadn’t managed to get him happy again, I would have driven the hour and a half round trip to get him. At midnight. I’ll do it at 3 am if he wants me.

He’s my baby, my little one. He was a true companion when his brother had gone to school. We love pottering around shops together. He’s my weakness, my achilles heel.

IMG_2519 editedHe is and always will be, simply SAMMY…
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4 Responses to Sigh……

  1. MirandaLea says:

    He’s so cute, I’d go get him at 3am too! They grow up so fast.

    Congrats on your toot! I’m going to have to submit one of these days. Someday I’ll get over my fear of rejection.

  2. cassi girl says:

    Oh Cassie I am all choked up! I think I would have gone to get him just to make sure he was ok…poor little fella!
    I am a sook at the best of times, but kids just are a constant tug on the heart aren’t they.
    It is so true however the saying goes that they are a piece of your heart walking around…..YKWIM.

    Hugs to you and your gorgeous little Sammy……

    Sandi 🙂

  3. Peta says:

    awww that photo is sooooo sweet!!!! ARGH I wish I could take such great photos *pout*

  4. ksharonk says:

    YAY on the toot! Boo hiss on the secret! (I wanna know!) And hugs for you and Sammy! 🙂

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