26 layouts….

No, not in this post… 26 layouts this month. And it’s the 28th of January today, so that’s not so bad…. and many many of them have been design team layouts too.

So lets show some off, ok?


Paper, elements, and overlay from Amy Knepper’s Shabby Geek kit from Scrapdish.com. Fonts used are Times and Times again, CBX Labelmaker, Texas Hero and Dirty Headline. Inked action from Atomiccupcake.com.


Papers and elements from Amy Knepper’s Style kit from Scrapdish.com. Virtual photographer used on the photo. Wild tear from AtomicCupcake.com. Fonts used were Century Gothic and Snowshoe.
Paper and elements rom Taste the Sunshine, a duo kit between Ashley Olson and Helen O’Daniel available at Modscraps Wild tear action from AtomicCupcake.com. Fonts used are Pine Casual, My Old Remington and Snowshoe.

So, apart from the fact that I spend wayyyy too much time on the computer, which, after all is NOT news…. what else can you deduce from all that? Well, 1) AtomicCupcake has a new action and it’s WICKED!! and 2) I have another font that I love…. snowshoe. Saw it on a layout that someone did, somewhere lol….

So, I might just have a rest for the last couple of days this month… I’m glad to have Amy back designing, it was just a bit too quiet on my computer without her. Now with 3 designers to keep me busy, I’ve got a bit more of a chance reaching our download limit….20 gig rofl… Ash has a big project in the works that I’m very excited to see, so that will be great inspiration for next month.

Well, maybe I’ll just do a couple more wedding layouts instead… they’re rather deliberately kept very simple, so they’ll just keep the engine ticking over.

Night all!

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3 Responses to 26 layouts….

  1. MirandaLea says:

    Great LOs!! I wish I could produce the volume of pages that you do!!! I would have to scrpa the same pictures over and over, though, because I still don’t have a digi camera. There is a serious shortage of photos around here! Great job. Your pages are fantastic!

  2. ksharonk says:

    Oh, oh, oh … just beat you … I’m sitting on 31 los, lol, and still have a couple left in me! LOVE that layout of you … gorgeous photo and page! 🙂

  3. Beth says:

    Hey Cass – great layouts!!!!

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