Name layout, number 2

I told you there was more coming….


Journalling reads:My mother had told me the story, that I was
going to be Tamara but that was the name of
the new Prime Minister’s wife… but I’d never
understood the significance until I did some
research. Just before I was born was one
of the biggest political scandals &
upheavals in Australian History. The new Prime
Minister was appointed under very dramatic
circumstances. No wonder my mother went
with a completely different name, a name
that I have always loved having.

All papers, elements and Alpha from “Touch of home” by Ashley Olson from ACOT. Fonts used are Pharmacy and Vaguely Repulsive.

Can I just say that I LOVE the gold in this kit, and I love the new font I’ve found too…. it’s just THE most awesome journalling font…

Ok, I’m sure that I had other stuff to say too, but…. you’ll just have to check back tomorrow! 🙂 Maybe some more purty layouts and stuff….

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One Response to Name layout, number 2

  1. AmyK says:

    I love this layout, Cass! The clips and names make it seem like you could just flip it one way or the other. Very clever! Your journaling is so interesting too – what a great history. 🙂

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