Who said…..

That I couldn’t scrap when I was sick… Silly me. Of course, when I’m home sick, there’s nothing to do BUT scrap. For all that I only got one layout done, but I love it, so that’s what counts.


Papers (background re-coloured) alpha and elements from His Collection by Meredith Fenwick and Kim Christensen. Fonts used are Kingthings PrintingKit and Vaguely Repulsive.
This shot is a long lost one from our holiday. Bout time I caught up on some scrapping, now I have such great BOY stuff to work with! Although this one sat open on the pc for quite a few hours before I could work out what else it needed… I hate that feeling.Ok, so ALSO I’ve jumped on the Digi site bandwagon. I’ve had the digi-ring thing for a while, but it frustrated me because it would take me to blogs that haven’t been updated since, you know, forever. This one will take you to a list of all the blogs that are hip and happening. So you can use it to go to new places!!

I’m also considering a new template and re-organising my links…. stay tuned for that.

Meanwhile, here’s a shameless plug for Ashley’s new CD coming out real soon!! She’s having a launch at SBB at 10pm Saturday – goodies etc to be given away…. the papers I’ve seen so far are just AWESOME…. can’t wait to get my little mousy on them… and in case you needed any more incentive…. go to her BLOG and check out her little gift!!

What are you still standing here for??

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2 Responses to Who said…..

  1. Peta says:

    sorry I would leave you a pretty comment about how cute your layout is and how wonderful i think the photo is but you told me not to stand here… so I’m running off now 😛

  2. AmyK says:

    Love your new page, Cass! I am drawn to interesting photo corner placement lately, and this is perfect. I already hopped over to Ash’s and grabbed her pretty papers (and some eye candy – yummy!).

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