Baby shower…

This is becoming bigger than Ben Hur!! The guest list is quite long… the invites are being “printed”, and we’re working out food/games etc… the date is set for May, so I’ve got a while to get things organised. But it’s still stressing me out.

So the invites are going to be a digi-paper blend. I totally cheated and bought 30 ready made envelopes and matching blank card…. just plain baby blue. Only cost $6 so I figured it was a good thing. I’ve done digi layout – mini size, will need to be cropped to fit when they arrive from the photo printers (note to self, buy a new cutter blade…) d/s tape stick them in place and finish off with some cream (if I can find the right colour) brads through the flowers. 4 brads per invite. That’ll be a nuisance. But it will looks so cool!!

Then print the invites out on normal paper, cut to size and glue across the fold inside of the card. Viola, instant invitations!!

baby shower front

Not sure about the cardstock, I think it’s from Something Blue Studio. The flowers and alpha on tags are from Amy Knepper’s Glimpse of Spring (recoloured the flowers!). Used a shmootzy frame to soften the edge of the photo (one of the twins!). Very happy with the result. The brads are there for decoration just to show what it will look like, they aren’t on the copy being printed out.

Any other baby shower type suggestions, I’m all ears. I’ve got a lot of ppl to amuse for over 2 hours. And I can’t juggle, so leave that one off the list!! 😛

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One Response to Baby shower…

  1. ksharonk says:

    Nice mix of digi and paper scrapping going on here, Cass! Invites are verrrry pretty … 🙂

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