Cute baby alert!!

And guess what! It’s one of MINE! I have SOOO many photos of Tyson, and he’s smiling in so many of them. Awww.

I used Amy K’s new Forget Me Not kit from Scrapdish, and this kit is HUGE and awesome! AND on sale – honestly for $3 this kit is a steal at the moment. 🙂 I put flowers on a boy layout, so there you go! Fonts used were Kingthings printingkit and snowshoe.

So…. now school holidays are upon us. Hmmmm. Oh well. Tomorrow I am having a well earned sleep in before *skip* and I tackle some long overdue garden issues. Gotta get it done before winter cos around here the clay soil is so thick that after an hour you go inside 6 inches taller. I am NOT kidding. Next time, I’ll take a photo of my own shoes and show you! Icky stuff. But the roses love it, so there you go. Silver linings everywhere today.

And meanwhile, we very pathetic and cheap furniture starved people are well and TRULY into our Ikea count-down. We have been dying for one in Adelaide for years, and finally on the 20th of April it will OPEN!! We already have a list of furniture that will keep our spending down for at least 6 months. I hope. Unfortunately *skip* doesn’t get the 20th off… but the 21st. So that is my countdown.


I know we’re sad and pathetic and all that. You don’t need to tell me! 😉

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One Response to Cute baby alert!!

  1. AmyK says:

    How did I miss this post? You are too funny! I love IKEA too – I just wish we could take a little shopping trip there ourselves. I hope you plan to post pictures of your buys! And your LO is gorgeous, but you know that. 😉

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