New layouts! :)

So, I did get some scrapping done after all yesterday… but by the time I had uploaded them into galleries, gotten sidetracked commenting in galleries etc, I ran out of energy to put them up here…

So here they are now!


Papers from Ashley Olson’s new paperset Funktabulous, elements from her Comforting Quilt elements, slightly recoloured, both available right now from Ashscraps. Inked action from AtomicCupcake.


Papers and elements from Ashley Olson’s new kit, Comforting Quilt (just like a good friendship!) available at ashscraps. Staples are from her Fresh and Funky boy kit. Fonts used are Arial and MA Fishy.

We’re expecting visitors for afternoon tea, so that’s about all she wrote today….

Thanks for stopping by! When I was offline I missed out on my 5000th visitor… but thanks to everyone who visits, and double thanks to all who comment. I feel sad sometimes that I’m not a designer… I have nothing to offer you all but my thanks. But those are sincere.

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4 Responses to New layouts! :)

  1. ksharonk says:

    WOW! 5000 thousand visitors … that’s a lot of traffic! Love your dramatic pregnancy layout … and the friends one is lovely, and I bet I know which one you are, lol! 🙂

  2. cassi girl says:

    WOW to both those layouts. I too LOVE the bloom one. Very dramatic but just gorgeous.

    5000 visitors gee you are popular. Must see if I can find out how many I have had….hmm challenge for another day when my head isn’t full of cotton wool…lol.

    Sandi 🙂

  3. vanessa says:

    love your bloom layout
    i’m always looking for new ways to capture my pregnancy and scrap them too.

  4. Beth says:

    5000 visitors… must have been me!!! LOL!!!
    And why dont you start designing stuff? Huh? I think you would be great at it!

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