Bother Brothers

Journalling reads:
“Watching you two battle
for your independence from
each other has been a
learning experience for me.

You both know exactly
how to annoy each
other, all in perfect

You fight and argue and drive
me up the wall, and then are
suddenly happy together again,
absorbed in some new project.

Then will come the cry,
�Mum, he�s BOTHERING me

Tell me you two, are you
brothers or bothers or both?”

Background paper is from Tania Cordova’s Yummy tummy kit. Shmootzy frame from Scrapartist. Star by Meredith Fenwick, Independent stamp from Jen Wilson.

Alphas are, in order of appearance:

B – Dani Mogstad
^ – Jan Crowley
R – Christie Putz
O – Ashley Olson
T – Jessica Bolton
H – Ashley Olson
E – Meredith Fenwick
R – Jen Wilson
S – Ashley Olson

Fonts used are snowshoe and Antique Type Posted by Picasa

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4 Responses to Bother Brothers

  1. AmyK says:

    I LOVE how you did the title on this one. This is such a great page. The grungy frame and journaling are great. Can you PLEASE come take photos of my family for me?? 😉

  2. Sandra says:

    This is such a great layout…..I also really love the title. BTW welcome to Suzy’s team.

  3. ksharonk says:

    Love the touch of red on your page … and welcome, teammate! 😉

  4. Megan says:

    Gorgeous layout Cassie! Like I’ve said a million times before, your photography blows me away!!

    Megan xx

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