Happy, but exhausted.

Just to let everyone know, although I am sure it won’t mean much to most, Go the Mighty QLD boys. We watched the game last night and screamed ourselves hoarse over the last 10 minutes. And they did it. State of Origin 2006 is ours.

Ok, I know I live in SA and that most ppl here don’t have a clue about Rugby, but I just had to say it.

Ok, on to more scrapping type things…. I just quickly posted another layout. I’m in-between the marathon weekly shopping and a classparty at Tyson’s class, so I have to keep moving. Much as I’d love to stay and chat lol….


Paper and elements from Jomi{Designs} 100% Genunie from Plain Digital Wrapper. Stamped alpha by Kim Christensen from this months SBB Newsletter. Wild tear action from AtomicCupcake. Fonts used are VTPortableRemington and Vaguely Repulsive.

I will just quickly take the time to say how much I love this kit – the papers are so worn and the colours are just beautiful. Go check it out at PlainDigitalWrapper – now!

I’ll try to get back and post another layout later on – I’ve got a couple champing at the bit so to speak, but otherwise, it’s off to a class of about 30 9 and 10 year olds – yay me!

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