I really need to feel like this right now. School holidays aren’t the best of times, and when it’s only 8 degrees outside (although thankfully, NOT raining!) you need to do more stuff inside!


Papers and elements from Jomi{Designs} Move with passion kit from Plain Digital Wrapper. Fonts used are DSP Pollyanna and vaguely repulsive.

So if I do vanish, I’ve taken the credit card, dumped the kids and run away! I’ll think of you all when I’m on my beach. HA!

Or, I’m cleaning out some cupboards and have been buried in all the JUNK in my house. Anyone want some junk? I don’t want it anymore…. time to clean it OUT!

Later all 🙂

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2 Responses to Ahhh……

  1. Megan says:

    Can you pick me up on the way Cass?? That beach is looking pretty darn inviting right now!

    Your layout is stunning!

    Megan xx

  2. Sandra says:

    Me too!
    Anything to get away from searching for houses. That beach photo is so lovely!

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