Man, I forgot how good it feels to check the bank balance and find that you’ve been PAID! Becuase I started right at the start of the f/n roster, I had to work my butt off before-hand, but I got paid yesterday and it did feel GOOD! I owe *skip* a small fortune for my Photoshop Cs2 for Mac, but with the extra hours I’ve had to put in with another girl on 2 weeks leave, I hope to clear that off soon. And I HAD to buy a new pair of shoes this afternoon, as I was wearing boots which were ok, but at the end of 6 hours, not so ok…. not to mention that I was wearing the heel down at a steady rate.

Work is going well. I’m too busy this week to be inspired, although I am looking forward to Amy’s debut at TheDigiChick really soon! I’m behind on my layout gallery commenting, everything, and I just don’t care. Tuesday night I was doing washing at 11pm, last night at 10pm I was still making a chocolate mousse cake for tonight, so I’m just TIRED. Next week is even fuller, and then it will get quiet again. Phew.

So, there you go. That’s about it for now. Apart from the usual…. helping kids with homework, cooking, shopping. All that ordinary stuff. I’m surviving on chocolate and Iced coffee at the moment. I had an ENORMOUS cleanout of my bathroom cupboard, got rid of old stale makeup, heaps of stuff. Felt good, but there’s still no room in there for everything… figures!

Well, how’s that for random dribble? Sorry to inflict it on you, maybe I’ll have something worth writing about real soon!! 🙂

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One Response to Ka-ching!!

  1. Beth says:

    LOL Very random!!! Payday rocks and we should have more of them as the money seems to vanish! LOL!

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