Summer heat…

Yeah, only kidding!

This photo is definitely NOT current 🙂


Papers and elements from Ashley Olson’s Summer Farewell kit, white stitching and barcode from ScrapArtists Summer splash. Fonts used are Jane Austen and snowshoe. Created in Cs2.

Meanwhile, today started with a bit of drama. My darling dog was yelping and limping very badly, but like any good child, when distracted with food she got over it. Just going to keep a careful eye on her, but it was a very cold morning and it was just as likely a cramp or something. I was a good girl and walked the kids to and from school today, about 2kms round trip. Worked from 11 – 2, it was totally quiet and peaceful, and, dare I say it, boring lol…

Meanwhile, it’s late and I’m taking my sore throat off to bed – BIG day tomorrow at work.

Later everyone!! 🙂

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One Response to Summer heat…

  1. Tania says:

    Oh I hope your puppy is okay!! And no good on that sore throught!!

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