Widget fun!

In case you’re not a Mac user, like, say, 95% of my readers, you’ve got no idea what I”m talking about. Widgets are cute litle mac programs like the one I’m using to write this, without having to do all the tedious blogger stuff. Although, of course, I can’t post a picture with this.Â

Ok, get this. I get one of those irritating Indian tele-sales calls just now…. you know, the huge long pause and the click, you know you’re not being called locally, put it that way… and he says, in his thick Indian accent, my name is John Fisher. I mean, hello. I believe that? And no, I don’t want a free phone, nor do I want to change my phone plan.

Just thought I’d mention it 🙂

Oh, and btw, the dog is again, fine. Phew. But we’re going to let her sleep inside the really cold nights from now on, as she is 6 1/2 now. Even if she has more fur than a polar bear.Â

Later people 🙂

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3 Responses to Widget fun!

  1. ksharonk says:

    Hmmm … funny, I never thought of you as a ‘John Fisher’ … 😉

  2. Tania says:

    LOL!! You know, I spend almost as much time looking for cool widgets as I do good kits, ROTFL!! PCs are missing the game on that one 😀

  3. Jessica B. says:

    Oh hush you Mac people! LOL…don’t rub your widgets in MY face!

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