Thar’ she blows!!

There be whales ‘ere, Cap’n….



The boys had a day off school today, and as I was called in to work, *skip* had the day off too. After I knocked off at 2 we decided that this year we were not going to miss whale watching season AGAIN and even though there were no reported sightings, take the risk on the hour drive down to the coast…

The first lookout was a washout – we could see a couple of backs out past the break and we were moving on to another lookout. During the drive I spotted 2 sets of Blows so I told *skip* to just pull into the next road and see where it went. We trekked along a little dirt track for a while on foot, and just as we came into sight of the ocean proper, we had a whale just jump straight out of the ocean. He moved further off shore, I was very grateful for my telephoto lens, but it was still hard to catch them. You had to be quick, as well as lucky.

The 2 photos above are just a couple that sort of turned out. A mother and calf side by side, and another whale “spy-hopping”. For more information, check out this site HERE.

Apart from that, not a lot to report. Have a layout done, another on the way that I want to post in the morning, and I’m off to do the ironing and have an early night. All that salt and sea air wore us out lol…

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2 Responses to Thar’ she blows!!

  1. Tania says:

    Oh how fun!! So neat you got those shots!!

  2. Jessica B. says:

    WOW Cassie! That’s so cool!

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