Funky blue…

I’m not sure what it was about this layout, that, like they do sometimes, just created itself. I kept on wanting to change, to add, but it just said DONE. Leave me be. And so I did.


Papers and elements from Ashley Olson’s Technicolour Playground at TheDigiShoppe. Silver clip alphas by Ashley at SBB. Font used is Vaguely repulsive. Created in Cs2.

Now, onto other exciting news, I am happy to say that I’ve got some new toys to play with!

Michelle Pearson picked me up for her new Photoshop Action CT. She’s been making these really cool actions and we’re going to test them and promote them for her. So I really should go and play with some photos, right? What a fun job!!!

Meanwhile, it’s the last day of term today so the kiddies get out an hour earlier than usual. Hope I don’t lose track of time and sit here all afternoon lol… nah, we’ve got things to do!

Don’t hold me to this, especially not next week as I’m working extra shifts still, but maybe in week 2 we’re gonna do some cool stuff. Maybe. If I stop sneezing.

And finally – the new Scrapbooking Memories magazine is out. Go read it *wink*.

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One Response to Funky blue…

  1. MIG says:

    Love the two pics – of the family & the butterflies, which are simply gorgeoous, – so glad the kids can enjoy the b.flies so much longere because it is on record. Keep it up…… ..Loved the whole presentation !!!!

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