Busy scrapper….

I got 4 layouts finished yesterday. 4. That’s a lot.

Mind you, that leaves me still behind on my list of layouts I owe ppl, but still, 4 from lunchtime (including an outing to the wetlands for a coffee and a walk) to 9.30 is pretty cool.

This first layout is NOT one of them lol…. it’s one from earlier over the weekend that I didn’t blog yet. Hehehe.


For this layout I treated my photo with the awesome Michelle Pearson’s ColourWash photo action available at SBB – What a difference it made!! The background paper, elements, paint swirl are all from Emily’s Wish by Jessica Bolton and Carrie Stephens. The chip alpha is from Unamused Boys by Jessica Bolton, both from EclecticScraps. Fonts used are Vaguely Repulsive and Junko’s Typewriter. Created in Cs2.

This layout is Number 2 from yesterday….


Papers, star and string tie elements all from Amy Kneppers Little Boy Blue Puny Pack – only $1 at Scrapdish! Photo treated with Michelle Pearson’s B/W Lighten Action from SBB and also one of Michelle’s Frames as an eraser. Tear by AtomicCupcake, font used is snowshoe. Created in CS2.

So I will leave you to bask in the glow from these layouts for a little while longer, but keep your eyes peeled because you know that it can only mean one thing – that I have 3 more layouts to spring on you!!

In more general news, the boys are visiting with MIG and FIG for the day/night/some of tomorrow as I have to work tomorrow. Then we are all having dinner, which is cool.

It is HOT and sunny here which is a bit disconcerting because it’s not normally that nice in October. Lately it hasn’t even been that nice in December, but I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts. Got the house open and the washing on.

Ok, signing off to go have lunch – catch you later! 🙂

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One Response to Busy scrapper….

  1. Tania says:

    Wow that’s alot Cass!! I completely love that one you did with Emily’s Wish!!

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