Present day!!

Ok, so you may or may not know this, but we don’t celebrate either Christmas or Birthdays. So we have designated our wedding anniversary as present day. The cool thing is, we buy stuff for each other all year round just because :), but I also tend to buy and stash stuff for the boys…. save it up for the holidays when they are driving me nuts, or when someone’s sick and needs a good reason to stay in bed.

The only problem with that theory is that I have one particular DVD that we’ve had in the ‘stash’ for over 2 years, and *skip* has said enough is enough. Ok, I can sort of see his point. So the boys are getting a STACK of presents tonight. All wrapped up with paper and ribbon and THESE cards. And yes, I’ll get photos. 3 presents for each boy (although there’s more than one thing in each present) and then one joint present as well.
It’s all Jess’s fault – I just HAD to have this Shabby Princess kit. It makes fantastic cards to say the least.




I have *skip’s* present nearly all finished…. just some more wrapping and ribbon to go. And I have to write out his card. He’s apparently gone to town on mine, but I’ll forgive him, because a) I love being spoilt 🙂 and b) well, um. Ok, just A then. Hehehehe….

Although his present isn’t “impressive”, it did take me over 3 weeks to organise, and much blood sweat and tears. I hope he loves it.
Oh, and Dad? Open your windows later on tonight – we’re having a BBQ and I reckon it’ll smell pretty good 😉 Might go and marinate some chicken now.


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One Response to Present day!!

  1. Jessica says:

    OMG! Those are the most awesome cards, Cassie! Your Anniversary Day tradition sounds like a great one! 🙂

    Girl, you should send me your addy so I can send you an anniversary card! 🙂

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