Finding things that you maybe didn’t even know you were looking for, in places that you didn’t expect. At a time, perhaps that you didn’t expect them.

I’m very tired today. I have another cold – blame the very hot nights we had on the weekend, I think I caught a chill. I have worked my be-hind off at work the past 3 days and was so very happy to have today to do exactly NOTHING. I have to work the next 5 days straight, so I needed to get my head all straightened out. I do love my job, most of the time, but it’s very mundane and doesn’t really inspire me much.

So here I sit, tissues, coffee and Salt and Vinegar chips to hand. We won’t even talk about that strange craving at the moment. I was trying to think of what sort of movie I wanted to curl up and vegetate to…. but in the meantime I was doing what I do best. Wasting time. Blog-hopping in fact. I have NOT got the foggiest idea how I got here, but here I got. And stayed. I’ll pick up my jaw later. Suddenly I am just consumed with desire, jealousy, frustration. The overwhelming urge to create. Combined with the knowledge that whatever I created, would never be like this. Seriously, I can’t paint. I have trouble just putting gesso on a box. But this, it’s something else. Something I didn’t know was missing from my life, but now, something that I don’t know how I’ll live without.

Go have a look for yourself.

Misty Mawn’s blog

Misty Mawn’s shop.

Sometimes we all need a little escape.

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4 Responses to Serendipity

  1. Melinda says:

    I hope you feel better after a day of rest, Cass! her painting are beautiful, but I have no hope of painting like that either LOL!

  2. Tania says:

    Wow, those are gorgeous, thanks for sharing the link, her ATC’s are especially beautiful!!

    Hope you are feeling better!

  3. Emily says:

    Wow…very cool stuff on that blog! Sorry you are feeling icky…hopefully your cold will pass very quickly! At least you have today to relax and rest up!! 🙂

  4. Jessica says:

    You know what? I waste an INSANE amount of time looking at stuff, wishing I could knit and sew…

    Thanks for the links. Her work is sooo inspiring!

    Feel better soon (((hugs)))

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