We’re BACK!

Ok, so I’m a little paranoid and I didn’t put a big announcement on here that we were going away, you know, just in case. However, I am announcing that we’re back! We had a very last minute holiday up to Queensland to spend just under a week with *skip*’s family, including his younger sister who was getting married last Saturday. There were 3 cousins for the boys to meet. Tyson and Sam are the eldest of the 5 grandchildren, and we hadn’t been up there as a family since 1998. Sam wasn’t even thought of then.

It was a fun, happy, whirlwind trip. We had to travel on 2 planes each way, and out to the wedding was a 6 hour drive each way as well, so there was lots of time for quiet thought etc. And lots of fun, shopping, laughing. Catching up with ppl we already knew, meeting new people.

I did take lots of photos, of course 😉 but I honestly haven’t even downloaded them yet. It’s such a mammoth job, I’m putting it off. But I will get to them, and then I’ll give you a bit more of an update.

Time to hang out ANOTHER load of washing! Catch you all soon 🙂

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One Response to We’re BACK!

  1. AmyK says:

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – welcome back, Cass! You were missed! 🙂

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