More and more layouts!!

I’m determined to get some scrapping, and UPLOADING done this week. Here’s 2 more layouts for you to enjoy 🙂


I never thought I’d be able to get a photo of a real, true comet, but here it is. Thankful to my tripod and dSlr as well! Using mainly Jessica’s Not Quite Men collection… for other credits, click on the layout.

And one more….


This layout created using Suzy Nunes new kit, Fresh Spring Linens. Again, click on the layout for more credits. And see, another paper fold! *skip* was really impressed with this one!

Ok, so sad to say, I’ve got another cold/sore throat. I had to miss work yesterday, thank goodness I’m not working again until Saturday and have a chance of shaking this thing off… But now it’s time to go and do the food shopping etc etc. Maybe some scrapping later 😉

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One Response to More and more layouts!!

  1. Jessica says:

    Awesome layouts!!

    I did my own paper fold (inspired by you) in my latest layout. It’s not nearly as realistic though. I was too lazy to do the highlighting. 😛

    Feel better soon!!

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