Down and funky…..

Ok, so week 2 of the Funk it Up challenge over at Scrapforums is in full swing. I can now reveal my true Identity, lol…. otherwise known as my secret layout from last week. I’ve nearly finished this weeks entry, just have to parcel it up and email it off to the organiser. I’ve also just uploaded my entry for the bonus challenge for this week…. so lots to show you 🙂

This is my Week 1 entry. We had to use a line from Nickelback’s Photographs song. Love that song. Here’s the “funky” layout I created.

FIU week 1

I am super proud of this layout! Click on it to go check out the Scrapforums gallery.

Here is the Bonus Week 1 challenge – create a card with a flower on it. Easy, huh?!?…. until you start second guessing yourself. Ouch. But still, this turned out pretty darn good 🙂


And this is for Week 2’s challenge – create any item, any size etc, but using GREEN and lots of it! This is a mini layout – 5×7 inches in size, so it can be printed out and framed if you so like… which I think I do. I had so much fun making this one too! 🙂


Stay tuned in a few days, I’ll be able to post up this weeks entry…. finishing the sentence, Someday I’m going to ……

I think you’ll like it 😉

Meanwhile, I’m eagerly awaiting the release of this months Scrapbooking Memories, will get to reveal a little something to you all…. and I have a new deadline at the end of this week. Thank goodness I”m only working on Wednesday, cos I’ve got SOOO much to get done in the next few days!

All will be revealed in due time 😉

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One Response to Down and funky…..

  1. Jack says:

    I just love these two layouts, Cass, especially the Central Aust lot. What a lo of lovely memories there are, so much to look back on….. from the chief cook and bottle washer…..!!!!

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