What type of pack-rat are you?

*this is not an official quiz*

Well, I know what type of hoarder, or pack-rat, or just plain nuisance I am. I’m a procrastinator.

Instead of saying, no I won’t be ordering anything from this catalogue that just came home from the school. I will hold on to it, until the due date is past (usually by at least a week). I will then throw the catalogue out.

Why do I feel the need to hang on to it until then though? I’m calling it procrastination. Putting off making a decision until there is no need for a decision. Action through inaction. Just ask *skip*. I’m an expert on procrastination. Also hoarding.

Today I’m cleaning out my EHD, preparatory to some serious backing up. *skip* choked when he saw what a mess I’d made of this disk, with stuff and folders and random documents just EVERYWHERE. I’m making progress. Deleted off 7 gig of music that was already on my main hard-drive, and about 130 mb of doubled up fonts. Eeek. Not to mention the photos that were in 3 or 4 different folders…. cleaned that upand that was about 600mb worth. Chipping away at it. Folder by folder.

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3 Responses to What type of pack-rat are you?

  1. AmyK says:

    I am a total procrastination pack-rat too. I am blushing to think of the current state of my hard drive… my kits are almost under control, but my photos are just chaos. I hope your organizing is going well!

  2. Jessica says:

    I’m definitely one disorganized pack rat! I bought a new pack of DVDs …. two weeks ago…so I could do some backing up.

    Good luck!!

  3. Tania says:

    Oh I’m a procrastinator too, I leave all kinds of things for later, not just on my computer, but all throughout the house!!

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