Monday again…

It’s funny, but they seem to come around faster and faster as my life goes on….

So it’s now Monday afternoon, I’ve been working on my layout for the final round of Funk it Up all day pretty much… with breaks to hang the washing out etc. I think it’s nearly finished. I’ve got errands to run and things to organise at the school etc… and then the day will continue.

Here’s another layout from the show a couple of weekends ago. This guy was a total crack-up… split-second timing and full of fun.

I used a whole heap of ksharonk yumminess on this layout – check out the credits by clicking on the layout.

Meanwhile, we went out to dinner with a whole group of friends last night… practically booked out the little local Indian restaurant. It’s a popular place, cos the food is just awesome.

Nothing else really to say today… I’m tired and just a bit brain fried…. I’m sure I’ll be back bigger and chirpier than ever really soon!

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One Response to Monday again…

  1. AmyK says:

    I love that layout of yours, Cassie. I can’t wait to see what you’ve got cooking for Round 6. I need to get started!

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