When I grow up….

I want to scrap like





I feel like there is something still missing in my layouts…. I’m not sure what it might be, but I’m just feeling like I need to try harder. These girls rock my socks off every layout they create…. and I admire them so much! I’m so glad that they like me enough so I can bask in their reflected glow lol…..

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2 Responses to When I grow up….

  1. Jessica says:

    That’s funny because I want to scrap like YOU!!! Notice how I copied your folded corners and now I can’t stop folding corners myself? See, you’re my inspiration and that’s just one example 🙂

    I think your layouts are beautiful, unique, and inspiring every single time I see them.

  2. Tania says:

    Jess is right, you’re a huge inspiration to me too! I think that about your layouts, and I am just so honored you think that way about mine!!

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