Dizzy….. you’re making me dizzy…

Life is making me dizzy. Big weekend, totally bludged out yesterday. Today I did my first FULL day at work, from store open to store close and right now I’m totally exhausted. I thought my legs hurt after my first week there. This is another level. But enough about me…

Michelle, the funkiest blinkie maker in cyber-space, has a new kit out called Popsicle punch. Get it at Scrapbookgraphics



Now, I know I’m not the pink girly type, but this layout is totally cool. You have to agree!

Anyway, I have to go do some Mum type stuff before crawling into my nice WARM bed. We had an impressive set of storms and rain here from late last night continuing all through the day…. so a warm bed is DEFINITELY on the menu! Maybe some scrapping. Maybe 😉


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One Response to Dizzy….. you’re making me dizzy…

  1. their mum says:

    like this one alot!

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