It’s official….

Tyson has chicken-pox. *sigh*

I’m really happy he’s having a good dose of it and getting it over and done with…. however his timing could be better 😛

He’s over the moon with the dr’s prescription though – all the rest at home and the videos he can handle! She’s a mother too lol….

Andrew just bought me my first x-box 360 game, which I think will be the thing to save my sanity this coming week…..- by letting the KIDS play it!

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3 Responses to It’s official….

  1. AmyK says:

    Oh no! I hope Tyson feels better soon and doesn’t pass it around. I hope you get a chance to rest while you are taking care of everybody too. It sounds like it’s been a hard couple of weeks. 😦 (((((hugs)))))

  2. Beth says:

    Oh no Cass! I hope Tyson gets better asap although with that kind of prescription, I bet he hope he doesnt! LOL! Take care!

  3. Raji says:

    Oh no!I hope he recovers soon. I was wondering where you were & decided to check your blog, take care Cassie ((Hugs))

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