Duelling Thermometers….

Well, we’ve got a good case of duelling temperatures here… Tyson woke up yesterday coughing, he rested all day, and still today his top temperature has been 39.9 (Celsius) This morning Sam was complaining of a headache, and sure enough, his temperature is up over 39 as well. Just as I get one of them to go down, the other one shoots up. Tyson is really coughing and snuffly, but Sam just is hot and headachy, and as usual, his temperature is MUCH more stubborn and just doesn’t want to come down. *skip* is off at the shops getting more tablets, milk, and Mummy’s chocolate!

Didn’t stop me from mowing the back lawn though lol…. Sadly, we’re short on places for them to rest, so I’m on and off the computer while they watch DVD’s and stuff…. Poor darlings. It’s not like “little” kids when you’re really worried about them, but I still wish that I could make them get better. Looks like Daddy will be working from home tomorrow, because I’m working and there’s no way they will be well enough to go to school – first day after the school holidays!

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One Response to Duelling Thermometers….

  1. Melinda says:

    We have the same illness at our house right now 😦 Carissa came down with it Thursday morning, and now Sarah has it. Why do they always get sick the day that I have well check-ups scheduled for them?? our version seems to be fairly short-lived at least. Carissa was feeling much better by Friday night and is well over it now, though it is still hanging on for Sarah today. I hope the boys are feeling better soon!

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