Eyecandy, just briefly.

It’s Saturday night, I just worked my 3rd Saturday in a row and I’m tired. *skip* and I are going to vegetate on the lounge and watch some TV and forget about everything for a while… but I couldn’t go without sharing this with you – it’s been hard to keep it a secret for the last couple of days!!


Honestly, although it’s a great layout, this web version does not do it, or the kit, any justice. You just have to go and buy it for yourself. It’s a wonderful NEW collab between Jessica Bolton and Tania Cordova-Shaw – it’s 30% off for a limited time, and it’s just AWESOME. Go get it at ScrapbookGraphics!

Ok, catch you all tomorrow!

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One Response to Eyecandy, just briefly.

  1. Tania says:

    I hope you had a nice time vegging! That photo just blows me away everytime I see it!!

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