More beauty to enjoy

I’ve got two more layouts for you to enjoy – one from this week, another from before we moved…..

This was one of those just because photos – I had to hold my camera out between some rails on a bridge to get the right angle on this gorgeous wrought iron. *skip* bought me Adobe Cs3 and I was learning all about the new Black and White filters – wonderfully powerful stuff! Meanwhile, time is running out for the great sale over at TwoLittlePixels, so run and get the yummy stuff!

This is a gorgeous layout… I have to say. I really enjoyed trying a bit of freestyle on it…. and it’s true. He believed. He achieved. All in one night. I had to get this layout uploaded because Jess has some totally fantastic new stuff on the way that I needed to make room for! More layouts to come!

So, it’s Saturday night – *skip* and I have done the good parent thing this evening, and now it’s movie and chocolate time! Catch you tomorrow!

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