So, on Friday, *skip* totally lost patience with the abomination’s that I have been calling “sneakers” and doing my walking in lately. He made me drive all the way in to the city to go shoe shopping. I pronate (Roll inwards) very badly, and the shoes I have been wearing have actually made it worse. So I would go for a walk and come home with my ankles on fire from the strain. Not anymore. I went for my first walk in my new shoes tonight, I did a breath under 2.5 km in about 25 minutes, up and down hills, and my muscles hurt, but not from the shoes. From the real workout I was able to give myself because I wasn’t walking slowly to protect my feet. I averaged 10min13sec per km according to my little Nike+ doodad that he bought me as a surprise present. So now I’m really high-tech!

Here’s a gorgeous layout I scrapped in my 4 (yes, you heard right, 4!!) days off last week. I got lots and lots of NOTHING done and enjoyed every minute of it. Because I knew that I was working all day on Saturday, and then on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday AND Friday this week. So I had a good rest in advance!!

This layout uses the fantastic new Funky Junky – Spring Fling collab that Michelle, Kate and Rachel from The Lilypad just finished up. It’s awesome.


Ok, so it’s bedtime for me. Time to have a few decent nights after the mad social whirl of the last week. 🙂

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2 Responses to Ouch….

  1. Tania says:

    Oh I love that layout!! Love the punched holes around the edge, great touch, and the cute matt too. Yay for the shoes!!!

  2. Gina.Maria says:

    I just LOVE your layouts! Thanks for dropping by my blog…

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