Head above water

Right now I have my head above water, but it feels like it is rising fast. Every day is already booked, I’ve commited so much time and yet, I don’t know what ON as I just don’t have enough hours to get the normal stuff done.

At least though, the weather has finally broken. Adelaide has just set a new record for any capital city in Australia – 14 straight days over 35degrees C. It’s been HOT and more HOT and many nights never really cooled off. Everyone has been feeling the heat and I’m just so glad that it’s finally OVER!

I just have one little layout for you… it’s from last week but I’m sure you won’t mind.

Now I’m late to get *skip* off the bus, so I have to run!

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One Response to Head above water

  1. Carol says:

    I thought it was bad enough here, but oh my gosh, I couldn’t imagine being over there. You poor thing. Hopefully it’s cooler for you now, the cool change has hit here. And I *LOVE* your rainbow.

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