All about Rob

It really is, sad to say, but true. The rest of the band was fantastic, but I was there just to see Rob.

What am I rambling on about? Why only the Matchbox 20 concert that *skip* surprised me with tickets for last Sunday!! I took my camera and a good set of lungs, and got about 30 photos that weren’t totally useless, got deafened, and had a wonderful time!!

The first, but most likely not the last layout. Sadly, I only took my little P&S compact digital camera, of a whopping 4 megapixels, so I miss out on the life-size poster print. Such is life I suppose!

It was a fabulous live performance. Rob just exudes energy and puts his whole body into his performance…. and he used all the stage and made sure that no-one in the audience felt left out. Naturally it didn’t have the polish of a studio album, but it made up for that in electricity and what came across as a real joy for performing. They were all fabulous musicians and very talented. Their former drummer is now a guitarist, Rob played guitar, piano, and sung his heart out… there was a new member for the tour on keyboard, guitar, mandolin and every other imaginable instrument. But if I had to sum it up in one word, it would be energy. Lots and lots of energy. Something that I will be lacking if I don’t go to bed now!

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One Response to All about Rob

  1. Beth Jarrett says:

    Ohhh you lucky duck!!! I bet they were awesome! Great pics too!

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