Like Whoa!!

Hehehe gratuitous Nemo quote there…. did you like it? Life has been Like Whoa… and then we were like whoa, and then……

I got sick Monday night with a disgusting sore throat coughing thing. Worked Tuesday, begged Wednesday off because I knew that there would be no way I could get Thursday off and figured it was not looking good at that stage. Worked Thursday and Friday, loaded to the gills with painkillers, strepsils, hot honey and lemon, echinacea, and cup after cup of tea… So we got to the weekend, and I could crash for a bit. And get some scrapping done 😉

School is winding up at the moment. Both of the boys have managed to get involved in “drama club” and they have 2x weekly rehearsals until the 2 performances. Both of them on REALLY bad nights for us, so we are not amused. They also have some end of year excursions coming up, movies, swimming etc. The school also schedules the annual swimming lessons for the very end of the year… it’s more reliable with the weather, but I’m still not convinced. This will be the first year that Sam is going to the big pool and I’m a trifle anxious. He won’t drown, I’m sure, but he gets chilled instantly when he gets in the water, and will just stay blue and shivery for hours. I used to have to make sure I went to every school lesson, so that I could rub him dry afterwards, because the teachers just didn’t have the resources to manage it. We’ll have to see about this year.

Ok, *skip* just finished with an online emergency at work… yes. At 11pm on a Sunday night. So it’s off to bed. Have some gorgeous layouts to keep you amused for a while….. I have been on a scrapping ROLL lately!




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3 Responses to Like Whoa!!

  1. Carol says:

    You have been on a scrapping roll lately and I’m loving seeing what you come up with. I especially love that glow one. Look at that cute dimple he has!

  2. Kim Jensen says:

    The layouts are wonderful, Cassie! Just stunning, each of them!

    Hope you’re feeling better!!

  3. ksharonk says:

    What a very peaceful blog you have here … so pretty! 🙂

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