My little whine and cheese party is over! I got to catch up on a little sleep, and I feel less freaked out. I have also had a couple of productive days off this week which makes everything better too! Got some weeding done out the front, got some stuff tidied up inside, and the biggest news of all, was moving out the washing machine to make room for my new baby!!


It’s arriving tomorrow and *skip* has very kindly swapped his work days around to make sure he’s home for me. Thankyou honey! But he’s not allowed to play with it without me. Work is going to be especially long tomorrow, I can tell. Isn’t it tragic when I can get SO excited about a household appliance!

I had a bit of fun this weekend with some of our fabulous trip photos. I will share more, but meanwhile, here’s a collage I made of many of our reef pictures. I have printed this out 8×12″ and framed it. Currently propped up in the office next to me! It looks like we’ll be in this house for another year or so at the moment, so I’m planning more wall decorating.


This photo of one of the spectacular displays would have to be my favourite though.


All I can say camera wise is that I’m incredibly grateful I had my “Nifty Fifty” lens with me, as it was the fast speed I needed for the light conditions. And I shot in RAW which is a must if you want to fix up all the nasty colour casts quickly and easily. *skip* was blown away by the before and after’s I showed him when the editing was done.

I also have some exciting scrapping news to share, come back soon to have a look. There might even be Layouts!!

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One Response to Thankyou…

  1. Carol says:

    Oh absolutely brilliant, I love the collage. What a great idea.

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