Yes, again with the posting!

Now don’t all fall over at once, it may do something to the gravitational axis of the planet, and it’s messed up enough as it is. I don’t want any more damage blamed on me!

You know, I write the most amazing and witty, informative blog posts on my long drives too and from work. And then I totally forget them and drivel on here a bit about how tired I am. Trust me, in my other life, I’m funny.

Also creative, and very proud of this moment… I have downloaded, scrapped a layout and uploaded it all to the internet in the SAME NIGHT! I know, it’s unheard of, but there it is. Hopefully the organisational bug that is eating at my dark cupboards lately, which I’m trying to encourage into the shed to help with the Possum aftermath, is also eating away into my brain. Or I’m in the middle of an insomniac phase and I’ll do anything to avoid going to bed. Yeah, probably that option when you think about it.

So without much more ado….

And I have to admit that is one of my very favourite photos, and it’s turned into one of my very favourite layouts.

And so, to Dessert, and then to bed. Or maybe Dessert IN Bed. It’s a good option! 😉

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One Response to Yes, again with the posting!

  1. Kim Jensen says:

    Adorable layout! 😀

    LOL at being funny in your other life. What you do write is very witty… just more concise than I’m betting your drive posts are. 😉 Too bad there’s no way for you to write while driving.

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